Denise Vasi Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Denise Vasi - CelebHairdo_ComWe all can’t ignore Denise Vasi’s beauty. Her exquisite ensemble and hairstyle are absolutely goals!

We love her classy hairstyle that she wore in one of the red carpet events– particularly her wavy ‘do. This hairstyle is a must for all women because it just brings out a sophisticated overall look. She’s a fan of beautiful dresses, on the other hand as well as stunning shoes.

When asked in an interview about the products that she always carries, she said, “I always carry Chapstick. It’s in my bag, in my jacket, and I’ve got a tube on each table by my bed. I don’t just use it for my lips. It can keep your hands moist in a pinch. You can use it to groom your eyebrows. You can put a little bit on the tip of your eyelashes to make them darker. You can even use Chapstick to keep the flyaways in your hair down. I also carry around Laura Mercier eyebrow gel to control flyaways. It’s perfect for when I’m going out, because it fits in my evening bag.”

Denise Vasi is an American fashion model and soap opera actress. Born on March 1, 1983, she is most famous for her character Randi Hubbard on ABC’s All My Children. Before she went into acting, she first worked as a model.