Diane Von Furstenberg Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Diane Von FurstenbergEven at the age of 68, the former Belgian Princess slash fashion designer still boasts a kick-ass beauty and amazing fashion style.

One with a natural beauty and grace, she completes her overall look by donning fantastic hairstyles. This woman is known for her iconic dark blonde curls which is *sigh* truly a class on itself! According to her when she was interviewed by Into the Gloss, she always makes it a point to manage and take care of her hair no matter how busy she is. “The easier your hair is to manage the happier you’ll be with it and the prettier you’ll feel,” she said.

Now what is her opinion about fashion? “One of the most important things about fashion is to dress as well as you can, look as attractive as you can, and at the same time be comfortable with yourself. Be easy about your clothes; forget about them,” said the former Princess.

And oh, here’s her makeup tip for all of us: “It’s important to leave your face without makeup for a while after waking up… Let your skin breathe a while before applying your makeup, even if it means waking up a bit earlier.”

Diane von Furstenberg, formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenberg, is a Belgian-born American fashion designer best known for her iconic wrap dress. She was born on December 31, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium. She is also the wife of Barry Diller.