Drew Sidora Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Drew Sidora_celebhairdoWe’ve always been smitten with the fabulous and talented Drew Sidora. This celebrity keeps getting a lot of attention because as you can see, she’s got some style that girls want to imitate.

Drew has tried various hairstyles over the years but what fascinates us is her totally style factor formal long wavy hairstyle. The curls and twists of this hairstyle is insanely gorgeous! This makes her an all-around style icon.

Her dresses are also divine. She always sees to it that she’s wearing the best. Fashionably sexy, she usually dons something edgy even when it comes to casual outfits. With a body like hers, she can rock her jeans and sleeveless tops!

Her makeup, on the other hand, is lovely. She loves a tanned and glossy look, which is perfect for her skin tone.


Drew Sidora Jordan, professionally known as Drew Sidora, was born on May 1, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. She is an American actress and singer famous for her roles on films Never Die Alone, White Chicks, Never Back Down, Farmhouse, Jury Of Our Peers, Blessed and Cursed, She’s Not Our Sister, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, and a lot more. Height: 5’4