Élodie Gossuin Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Elodie Gussuin_celebhairdoÉlodie Gussuin is one among the blonde beauty queens who always make an impression. She has the fashion statement that can really turn heads and steal the show.

One with natural blonde tresses, she usually wears it in glorious waves which definitely do magic. This wavy hairstyle exudes a classic aura, one that very well compliments her undoubtedly beautiful face. Apart from the fact that this is one of the mostly preferred hairstyles by celebrities, it just simply looks glamorous especially in formal gatherings such as the red carpet.

Élodie also keeps an eye on her wardrobe. She loves to don sexy dresses which are tailored by the best designers in the country. She also loves killer heels! No doubt. She’s a beauty queen.

And when it comes to her makeup, she prefers moderate to heavy makeover.


Élodie Gossuin is a French beauty pageant title holder, model, TV presenter, radio presenter, and columnist. She was born on December 15, 1980 in Reims in the department of Marne. She become popular after winning beauty competitions including Miss Picardy 2000, Miss France 2001, and Miss Europe 2001. Height: 5’10