Elyse Taylor Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Elyse TaylorThere’s no way we can’t resist the beautiful and sexy model Elyse Taylor. She’s one of the most prominent models in the world and to be honest, she’s perfect!

She was seen with different hairstyles and one of those was her messy updo– which is kind of sexy and alluring. This type of hairdo is a bit flirty and tantalizing. It’s also a good hairdo for her brownish blonde hair. We love it!

When it comes to her choices of clothes, well apparently, she’s always on top of that. As a model herself, she knows exactly which dresses suit her slender and enviable figure. Most of the time, she opts for totally sophisticated dresses and those clothes that are with superb styles. She’s also into printed dresses. As for her makeup, she usually prefers mild to moderate touch.

Australian model Elyse Taylor was born on October 20, 1986 in Sydney, Australia. Known as a Victoria’s Secret model, she was noticed at age 18 by the agent of a model friend. Since then, she eventually climbed the ladder of success to the modeling business. Height: 5’9