Frankie Sandford Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

FRankie SandfordShort bob hairstyles are “in” these days! And English singer Frankie Sandford proves that! One of the beautiful faces in Hollywood, this woman never gets out of style, ever!

She has tried different hairstyles over the years, but of course, sporting a short-length one definitely suits her. She’s one with a small and cute face, and for us, this hairstyle is the one that works best for her. This pixie crop looks beautiful especially because of the smooth fringes that highlight one side of her face. The bangs also make her facial shape look even more beautiful. Liking this hairdo? Try this one of these days!

When it comes to dressing up, the talented celebrity loves glamour. She likes to wear fashionable gowns everytime she steps into the red carpet. When she’s off the red carpet, she is seen donning tank tops or simple-cut blouses paired with shorts. One of the things that also make her noticeable is her makeup style. She’s a fan of glossy look, which actually looks perfect on her.

Francesca Bridge, otherwise known as Frankie Sandford, is an English singer-songwriter, formerly a member of S Club Juniors and currently a member of girl group The Saturdays. She was born on  January 14, 1989 in Upminster, United Kingdom. Height: 5’6