Jessie Camacho Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Jessie Camacho_celebhairdoWhen we hear the name Jessie Camacho, there’s one word that always comes to mind: Hot. But, of course. Who in the entire world can ignore this Puerto Rican beauty that has the oozing sexiness? Now let’s discover how she makes herself even more beautiful.

Her hairstyles are one of her best features. One with long dark tresses, she was once seen in a Hollywood glam wearing a formal long wavy ponytail that she settled on her side. This hairstyle is absolutely appealing and glamorous. It’s pretty attractive that it actually defines Jessie’s beautiful cheekbones and facial traits. Want this kind of look? You’d definitely not regret it!

Jessie is also impressive when it comes to dress styles. She usually wears something edgy and stylish. She’s actually one of the celebrities who always do good when it comes to wearing gowns. And her shoes? You can see her wearing designer pumps most of the time. Her makeup, on the other hand, is inspired with a tanned look.


Jessie Camacho, originally Yesenia Camacho, is a television actress. She was born in Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico on September 24, 1974. She particularly became famous for her appearances on “Survivor”. Height: 5’8