Linda Lusardi Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Linda Lusardi - CelebHairdo_ComLinda Lusardi’s beauty is timeless. She’s an icon that is worthy to be idolized. In terms of her hairstyles, she has tried a lot of hairdos but we love how she keeps her red mane wavy while she incorporates her cutesy bands in front.

This hairstyle looks great on formal affairs because of its overall allure. Many women would want to try it and even go beyond creating bangs for themselves. Well, it would be a great idea, ladies.

Linda is also a fashion fanatics. She loves style and she’s passionate about it. In terms of skin care, she shared in an interview, “I used to have my own beauty range, so when I’m choosing a skin cream I look at the ingredients rather than the name. I’m not seduced by fancy packaging. I use Nivea’s DNAge Day and Night creams, #14.99 each, because I can tell you their ingredients work better than many you find in creams that cost over #100.”

Linda Frances Elide Lusardi is an English actress, television presenter, and former glamour model. She was born on the 18th of September 1958 in Wood Green, United Kingdom. She particularly appeared on films such as Snappers, The Zero Imperative, Oh Minnie and Consuming Passions.