Lulu Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Lulu - CelebHairdo_ComTalented singer Lulu never fails to hook us. She’s already 68 but she’s still as stunning as she was still younger. A blonde beauty herself, Lulu’s hairstyles are all amazing and she owes it to her long-time hair stylist Kevin Moss. She said in an interview, “My hairdresser for twenty years has been Kevin Moss at John Frieda and when I go there he hides my Operation: Glam hair products in the cupboard! Thankfully I am no longer permed-up like I was in the Eighties.”

She is a fashion styler. As we can observe, she loves to wear jumpsuits, little black dresses, and stylish tops. She loves strappy sandals when it comes to shoewear.

For her makeup preferences, she loves to wear light foundation because according to her, “When you are young, it can be thicker, but as you get older it has to be much finer and lighter, as thick foundation can gather in lines and look ageing and dull — and never go too far from your own skin tone. That orange look is so last season, darling!

Lulu, originally Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, OBE, is a Scottish singer, songwriter, actress, television personality and businesswoman. She especially had a skyrocketing career in the 1960s, gaining attention and recognition for her powerful voice.