Taylor Hill Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Taylor Hill - celebhairdo_com

Gorgeous model Taylor Hill is undeniably fabulous. She could win your hearts with that sultry look in a heartbeat. We love how this brunette keeps up such Wgreat hairstyles, such as her wavy long hairstyle that does not fail to impress. We’ve seen these hairstyles being sported by many celebrities and it’s sure to be a win!

She loves to wear outfits that accentuate her beautiful body. And as for her makeup, well, she loves lighter shapes of lipstick. “On my lips, I don’t like too strong of a color because you have to maintain it, so I wear a tint,” Taylor said in an interview. “Maybelline’s Baby Lips in red comes out as a barely-there, pinkish balm, and Burt’s Bees makes a purple shade that is my favorite. I’m really good at doing a cat eye. L’Oréal’s felt-tip penworks really well. I start at the center and draw a line out to the ends, going up slightly to make a little triangle, then I fill it in.”

Taylor Marie Hill is an American fashion model and current Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015. She was born on the 5th of March 1996 in Palatine, Illinois, United States. She was 14 years of age when she was discovered by a modeling agent and a photographer named Jim Jordan.