Vanessa Bell Calloway Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Vanessa Bell Calloway - celebhairdo_com

When you talk about Vanessa Bell Calloway, you always refer to a woman with such grace and beauty. Not only known for being a talented celebrity, this actress knows exactly how to glam herself up and wow the crowd with her fashionable taste.

Vanessa loves to keep her hairstyles simple but man, you’ll be surprised to find her sporting them with fierceness. She once tried a pixiecut with stunning bangs and she nailed it. In the photo featured here, she is seen wearing her dark locks in a shoulder-level cut, rocking it with sensual waves that shape her face so well.

When it comes to her dress styles, Vanessa usually tries everything her designer wants her to wear. Either she’s wearing sleeveless dresses or long-sleeves, she’ll look great because of her slender figure. And oh, don’t even get us started with her jaw-dropping jewelries that she always incorporates every time she’s on several Hollywood affairs.

Vanessa Bell Calloway is an American actress and dancer. The wife of Anthony Calloway, she is most well-known for her character as Princess Imani Izzi in the 1988 comedy Coming to America.