Aaron Carter Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Aaron-CarterWe rarely see the child singing icon and the boy-next-door Aaron Carter these days, but we can still remember how he made teenage girls melt down years ago with his endearing voice and boyish charm.

These days, the singer already undergoes physical changes that do not really make him less of an attractive icon. These days, he’s become matured and yeah, more striking in our opinion. His hairstyle says it all. He still didn’t change those natural golden locks of him that are actually his signature hair. He maintains a low-fuss ‘do by which both sides and the back are cut close into the head, leaving the top portion well-textured for a better look.

His Suit Style

Aaron Carter can be seen wearing easy and outgoing clothes such as t-shirts, polo shirts, and classic jeans. When it comes to shoes, Aaron claims that he usually collects different styles, especially trainer shoes.

Our critique? Aaron Carter is still the boy-next-door!


Aaron Charles Carter is an American hip hop singer. He was born on December 7, 1987 in Tampa, Florida, USA. Height: 5’9 ½