Al Roker Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes, Perfume

Al Roker_celebhairdoAl Roker is known for his spirited presence on NBC. He’s one of the anchor men who display an amiable presence on screen.

His hairstyle is pretty simple and typical. It’s all about his balding hairstyle that completely gets rid of any hair. Well, it’s his kind of trademark haircut. No questions, but this one perfectly suits him. It seems like this is actually his preferred look than anything else.

His Suit Style

We mostly see Al wearing semi-formal to formal attires. It’s because his work requires him to wear those. But every time he steps off the limelight, this remarkable media man is usually seen in his button down shirts, sweaters, turtle-neck tops, and classic pants. And hey, did we mention that he loves colorful tuxedos?

For his shoe preferences, he’s more into leather shoes and oxford shoes.


Albert Lincoln Roker, Jr., famously known as Al Roker, is an American TV weather presenter, actor, and author. He was born on¬†August 20, 1954 in Quebec, New York, USA. He particularly works on NBC and is regularly seen on Today¬†as a weather anchor. Height: 5’8