Alexandra Neldel Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Alexandra Neldel_celebhairdoAlexandra Neldel is one pretty woman. Whether she’s on or off the red carpet, she just can’t be ignored.

One of the best things about the actress is her set of hairstyles. She impresses the crowd well in this department. Naturally with a stunning dark hair, she usually lets it fall down, revealing her flawless shoulders. This hairstyle looks sexy as it stays in a messy look.

As for her dress styles, she likes something that puts her into a pedestal. Stylish and edgy dresses, these types of outfits are what she usually opts. When it comes to shoes, she is mostly seen wearing pumps, strappy sandals, and evening sandals.

Her makeup is also superb. While she usually prefers a minimal touch of foundation and blush-on, she makes it sure that her eyes are totally highlighted through the use of dark eyeliner and eye shadows.


German actress Alexandra Monika Neldel was born on February 11, 1976. She is famous for her appearances in a number of films including “Bang Boom Bang”, “Lammbock”, “Barfuss”, “Goldene Zeiten”, “The Treasure Knights and the Secret of Melusina”, and a lot more.