Andrea Corr Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Andrea Corr_celebhairdoAndrea Corr is truly admirable. She’s not only a talented celebrity. She’s also got something that can really attract attention: her natural beauty and typical womanly fashion style.

Andrea’s preference to hairstyles are quite simple and no-nonsense. She usually just lets her dark locks freely flow on her shoulders. Usually she doesn’t give a damn about how it looks as long as she carries it with ease.

Her Dress Style

Andrea is a fan of simple-cut dresses. Most of the time, she  prefers to wear beaded dresses and cropped dresses. For her shoes, what she mostly carries are strappy sandals and boots.

Her Makeup

Andrea usually applies reasonable amount of blush on her cheeks.


Andrea Jane Corr is an Irish musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on May 17, 1974 in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. She is widely recognized for being the lead singer of the pop rock band The Corrs. In 2007, she started her solo career and was able to release her debut solo album called Ten Feet High which consists of her songs “Hello Boys”, “Anybody There”, “Shame on You (to Keep My Love from Me)”, and “I Do”. Height: 5’1