Andy Samberg Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Andy Samberg_celebhairdoStand-up comedian and award-winning actor Andy Samberg continues to entertain us with his witty and hilarious acting abilities. This iconic star knows exactly how to rock and part of the many reasons why he’s considered as a highly-regarded actor is his extraordinary look.

We usually see Andy donning his signature hairstyle which is all about his natural curls that always appears voluminous and heavily textured. Andy considers this kind of hairstyle his asset. Well, we couldn’t blame him. He looks just great with his iconic hairstyle. Apart from its look, it’s also a versatile hairstyle. He can wear it anywhere he wants to.

His Suit Style

The comedy icon mostly dons something that is fresh, easy, and comfortable. Most of the time he is seen wearing plain t-shirts, button down shirts, hoodies, coats, V-neck sweaters, and classic jeans. He also loves wearing shoes such as flat oxfords and sneakers.


Andrew David Samberg, simply known as Andy Samberg, is an award-winning American actor, comedy icon, and author. He is especially recognized for some of his role appearances in certain movies known as Hotel Transylvania, That’s My Boy, I Love You, Man, and Friends with Benefits. Height: 5’10