Anna Camp Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Anna Camp_celebhairdoLiterally gorgeous and striking, not to mention talented, Anna Camp is just totally a hot female personality. We’ve seen her in True Blood and  Pitch Perfect and all we can is say is, she continues to look perfect!

And it’s definitely because of her glorious hairstyles that always shine. Anna naturally has blonde locks. This kind of hair color seems to be versatile to any kind of hairstyle. But of course, she stands out best when she’s wearing her astonishing casual straight long hair. This hairstyle is super cute. The texture is slightly in wave and flirtatious slash and the length falls past the shoulders. Hair is parted in side swept and as a result, it gives out a carefree and stunning look!

Her Dress Style

The blonde chic usually loves to wear classic dresses. Mostly she is seen preferring the ones with satin and floral prints. When it comes to shoes, she is mostly in love with pointed heels and stylish pumps.

Her Makeup

Anna loves to look naturally glamorous. And with that, she prefers to carry light amount of makeup.


Anna Ragsdale Camp is an American actress that appears on stage plays and films. She was born on September 27, 1982 in Aiken, South Carolina, USA to parents Dee and Thomas Sewell Camp. Some of her role performances happened in films that include Pitch Perfect, The Help, and the independent movie Forgetting the Girl. She also portrayed Sarah Newlin in the American TV Series True Blood. Height: 5’5