Beth Behrs Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Beth Behrs_celebhairdoBeth Behrs is extremely beautiful and attractive. The blonde beauty is not only known for her contagious smile but also for her impressive talent on screen.

Beth has amazed us many times already when it comes to her choices of hairdos. A perfect example of the style which she truly stands out is her casual long wavy hairstyle which is all about her natural blondes freely cascading in slick, smooth, and fashionable waves. It’s greatly defined by her light-textured bangs which bring out easy and comfortable look. This hairstyle is phenomenal! We definitely want every girl to try this one.

Her Dress Style

Beth’s choices when it comes to clothes are also classy. She prefers to wear anything that’s stylish, fashionable, and on trend. As for her shoes, she mostly wears stilettos and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

The 2 Broke Girls actress usually glams up by applying liquid eyeliner. She also considers light colored lipstick.


Beth Behrs is an American actress born on December 26, 1985 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA to parents David Behrs and Maureen Behrs. She is famous for her role as Caroline Channing in the American TV sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Height: 5’5