Bob Balaban Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

BalabanBob Balaban is a living proof that anyone can really look good no matter how old you are. Despite his age, this renowned celebrity still has the power to impress us with his ever good looks just because he carries himself with ease and confidence.

Nowadays, the notable actor-producer is sporting out his thinning and balding grey hair. But no matter how his hair appears, he still looks as good as he is. And he still carries that amiable smile which makes us admire him even more.

His Suit Style

Bob mostly fancies formal men’s suits. But during ordinary occasions, he is mostly spotted wearing casual suits that include plain t-shirts, V-neck sweaters, button down shirts, coats, blazers, turtleneck shirts, slacks, and classic pants. When it comes to shoes, he mostly prefers to carry sneakers and walking shoes.


Bob Balaban is an American actor, director, producer, and author. He was born on August 16, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is known for his role appearances in movies including Moonrise Kingdom, The Monuments Men, and Lady in the Water. Height: 5’5