Bobby Cannavale Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Bobby Cannavale_celebhairdoBobby Cannavale is without a doubt, a very gorgeous man. He starred on different films and TV series and we’ve seen exactly how gorgeous and talented he is.

His hairstyles are all one of a kind. One of these is the one he wore at a formal Hollywood event which was the formal short curly hairstyle. This hairstyle is all about his dark, curly locks that are styled through the use of hair gel. Its wet and fresh look is something. It’s way too attractive, boyish, and irresistible. Admit it, we all can’t ignore his look.

His Suit Style

Apart from formal suits which he usually wears, he mostly prefers to don comfortable casual clothes such as plain t-shirts, button down shirts, coats, and classic jeans. As for his shoe types, he’s more into oxford shoes, walking shoes, and sneakers.


Robert Cannavale, simply known as Bobby Cannavale, is an American actor born on May 3, 1970 in Union City, New Jersey, USA. He is famous for his role appearances in several flicks which include The Station Agent, Shall We Dance, Diminished Capacity, The Other Guys, and Blue Jasmine. Height: 6′ 2½