Bree Turner Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Bree Turner09Bree Turner is one of the prettiest chics in Hollywood. She’s been doing roles in a lot of movies and honestly, we just can’t keep our eyes off her.

Bree always observes good-looking hairstyles and one of these is her messy medium-length casual hairstyle. This hairstyle is all about her blonde locks playfully tousled in a messy yet attractive order. We love watching her donning this kind of hairstyle. It’s absolutely one of the gorgeous hairstyles she has come up so far.

Her Dress Style

The actress is known for her typical taste when it comes to dress styles. What she usually wears are those kinds that fit the occasion. Most of the time, she is seen wearing cocktail dresses, leather skirts, tank tops, little black dresses, and cardigans. She also loves to wear footwears such as pumps and pointed flats.


Bree Nicole Turner is an American actress. She was born on March 10, 1977 in Palo Alto, California, USA. She is especially known for her role appearances in certain movies which include The Ugly Truth, Just My Luck, Bring It On Again, and Firehouse Dog. Height: 5’8