Brendan Fraser Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

air breathe 300407Brendan Fraser can still turn heads despite the growing age. And his ultimate secret? It comes with a style!

Brendan has already tried different hairstyles over the years. And the best of all, for us, is the casual short straight cut by which he had his ebony-brownish mane cropped in short at the sides and back, leaving the top portion pointed upwards for a younger, better look. This kind of haircut is very ideal to the men in public. It looks good and it makes you feel young.

His Suit Style

The actor loves don different clothes, especially leather jackets, plain t-shirts, printed shirts, wool coats, and of course, sophisticated men’s suits. Usually, he can’t complete his getup without also wearing men’s scarf. When it comes to shoes, he likes it best when he’s rocking in sneakers and boots.


Brendan James Fraser is a Canadian-American actor. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on December 3, 1968. He was known for his exceptional roles in certain movies such as The Mummy, Escape from Planet Earth, and George of the Jungle. Height: 6’3