Calista Flockhart Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

calistaF091Calista Flockhart is undeniably sexy and gorgeous. The 49 year-old actress is clearly having her moment these days especially when she is mostly seen in her ever-gorgeous look and pretty ensemble. Wanna know her secret?

Well, it has something to do with her hairstyles, of course. Calista has tried several hairdos but one particular ‘do that really brings her to perfection is her casual short hairstyle. This hairstyle is kind of different for Calista. It gives her fresh and youthful glow. And the way she lets the bottom part of her brunette locks flew away? Oh, it’s totally one of a kind!

Her Dress Style

At her current age right now, the actress still rocks the red carpet by donning fashionable outfits and designer shoes. We really wonder where she found the fountain of youth because amazingly, she looks like a twenty-year old gal in her perfect, skinny physique.

Her Makeup

Calista is not so meticulous with her makeups. She mostly dons it in a minimal way.

Her Favorite Perfume

The Ally McBeal star loves to wear So de la Renta perfume.


Calista Kay Flockhart is an American actress. She was born on November 11, 1964 in Freeport, Illinois, USA. She is particularly known for her role appearances in certain movies such as Fragile, The Last Shot, Telling Lies in America, and The Bird Cage. She is also widely known for her title role in the famous TV series Ally McBeal. Height: 5’5 ½