Chad Michael Murray Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

chadYears ago since we’ve started seeing Chad Michael Murray on screen and actually started to regard him as a ‘crush’, we know that he’s just going to look better and better.

And yes, he does. Nowadays, he is wearing a hairstyle that is more likely different than his former hairstyles. It’s a hairstyle called casual short straight cut. What the actor did to come up with this haircut was that, he had his sides and back taper cut to create a lengthy look. This haircut also gives his blonde locks heavy texture which absolutely makes him look boyish.

His Suit Style

Chad is actually a good wearer of any kind of clothes. He knows exactly what suits him and what draws impression. He’s good when it comes to mixing and matching upper and lower clothes to come up a stunning look. To give a sample, Chad can match a formal shirt with tie to a military jacket! And what’s the result? He just looks naturally irresistible!

And how about his shoes? Well, our favorite actor particularly loves Skechers.


Chad Michael Murray is an American film actor and fashion model. He was born on August 24, 1981 in Buffalo, New York, USA. Height: 6’0