Clive Owen Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

bff opening night red carpet 060209Clive Owen is one perfect example of an actor that has an amazing talent and good looks. This is probably one of the reasons why his career continues to grow.

His hairstyle is another reason, of course. The actor carries different hairstyles each season which include our favorite—the casual short curly style. For us, this kind of hairstyle is something different. Clive carries it naturally and confidently—and he seems to love this kind of haircut as well.

His Suit Style

The A-lister actor is a man that is typical when it comes to fashion. He wears what he thinks comfortable and suitable for the occasion. Usually he is seen donning different outfits which include v-neck sweaters, collared shirts, coats, button down shirts, and classic pants. When it comes to shoes, he usually opts to wear loafers and flat oxfords.

His Favorite Perfume

Clive says that he likes wearing his favorite perfume which is Bulgari Man Cologne.


Clive Owen is an English actor who particularly appears on films, stage plays, and TV shows. He was born on October 3, 1964 in Keresley, Warwickshire, England, UK. His magnificent films include Children of Men, Sin City, and Closer. Height: 6’2