Cody Simpson Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Cody Simpson_celebhairdoWho doesn’t know Cody Simpson? His name is almost everywhere. He is the boy next door and a total heartthrob of today’s generation.

Cody has tried different hairstyles since the start of his career. While growing up, we’ve seen him carrying his blonde locks in boyish and stylish fashion. Nowadays, he’s rocking a casual short straight hairstyle by which his locks are styled in longer layers along the top portion, leaving his sides short and in control. This is a trendy hairstyles among men. And it’s worth a try!

His Suit Style

Cody loves fashion, and fashion loves him back. He looks simply irresistible while donning different clothes such as tank tops, V-neck tops, button down shirts, denim jackets, denim jeans, and classic jeans. As for his shoe preferences, he’s more into sneakers, boots, and walking shoes.

His Perfume

Cody is currently endorsing his own perfume brand Summertime Fragrance.


Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian pop singer born on January 11, 1997 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He is famous for his songs Pretty Brown Eyes, La Da Dee, All Day, and Summer Shade. Height: 5’11