Elisabeth Shue Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Elisabeth Shue_celebhairdo

One of the mostly admired female celebrities, Elisabeth Shue is an actress that possesses natural beauty and irresistible charm.

She has always been in love with different hairstyles. And there’s one hairstyle that really catches our attention. It’s her casual long straight hairstyle. This hairstyle lets her blonde locks tousle in a slight mess, creating a sexy, carefree, and typical all-American look that exposes her natural beauty. We love how Elisabeth carries this simple yet alluring hairstyle. Simply the best!

Her Dress Style

Elisabeth usually dresses herself with simple-cut clothes. But whenever certain situations call for her sexy look, she totally kills the show by donning revealing dresses that emphasize her bust and womanly curves. As for her shoes, she loves to wear different pairs of pumps and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

She usually prefers light and minimal makeup. And one of the beauty products which she really can’t live without is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 100+.


Elisabeth Judson Shue is an American actress. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA on October 6, 1963. She is famous for portraying roles in several films known as Adventures in Babysitting, The Underneath, Leaving Las Vegas, The Trigger Effect, and Piranha 3D. Height: 5’2