Erin Cummings Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Erin Cummings_celebhairdoWe always get mesmerized every time we get to see the lovely Erin Cummings. This hands down beautiful actress has all the right to flaunt her super sophisticated ensemble especially at the red carpet.

When it comes to her hairstyles, there is one particular hairdo that serves as our favorite. It’s her formal long wavy hairstyle that is looking so sleek, attractive, and flirty. This one is perfect for formal gatherings. And we can’t deny that it really steals attention. Erin’s dark locks look fantastic because of its rich texture which makes everything a total standout.

Erin’s clothing preferences, on the other hand, are superb. She likes fashionable outfits tailored by renowned designers. And when it comes to her shoes, she loves pointed shoes and strappy sandals. For her makeup, she prefers a moderate touch, glossy look.


Erin Lynn Cummings is an American actress. She was born on July 19, 1977 in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is famous for her role appearances on Tomorrow’s YesterdayWelcome Home Roscoe JenkinsThe AnniversaryDark HouseBitch SlapThe IcemanCold Comes the Night, and a lot more. Height: 5’7 1/2