Felicia Day Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Felicia Day_celebhairdoNo one can’t seem to ignore the red-haired beauty Felicia Day. The talented actress and comedian seems to almost have it all.

When it comes to physicality, she’s perfection to the fullest level. She sports different hairstyles. Sometimes she is seen wearing short hairstyles and pixie cut hairdos but oftentimes she prefers her hair longer in length and in fiery waves. This hairstyle is super attractive and red carpet friendly as well.

When it comes to her dress styles, she loves wearing anything that suits the occasion. Usually she prefers to wear tops that don’t have sleeves. She also loves to don something glittery and shiny in the eyes.

And for her makeup, well, she’s not so keen about it. She has fair and creamy complexion that doesn’t need much foundation.


Kathryn Felicia Day is an American actress, comedy icon, and writer. She was born on June 28, 1979 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Starting her career at eight, she is famous for her roles on various films which include House BlendThey Shoot Divas, Don’t They?Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder, Red: Werewolf HunterBring It On Again, and many others. Height: 5’5