Gavin Rossdale Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Gavin Rossdale_celebhairdoKnown for his exceptional talent in music, Gavin Rossdale is also one with undeniably good looks. He has this natural appeal that really attracts attention.

Talking about his hairstyles, Gavin has tried several hairstyles that define his personality. One of these is his casual medium wavy hairstyle that is all about his dark locks appearing in sleek and shiny and totally sexy look. We love this hairstyle. It’s exude masculinity. Just perfect for this gorgeous musician.

Guys who would like to achieve such sexy look should never hesitate to try this hairstyle. By leaving your hair long and by gelling it back, it already creates an appeal.

His Suit Style

Gavin is mostly typical when it comes to his getups. He likes casual to rugged clothes that display his oh so sexy and stunning personality. When it comes to shoes, what he mostly wears are sneakers, oxford shoes, and leather shoes.


Gavin McGregor Rossdale is an English musician and actor. He was born on October 30, 1965 in┬áKilburn, London. He is famous for his songs that include “Love Remains the Same”,”Glycerine”, “Machinehead”, “Mouth, and “Comedown”. Height: 6’1