Grace Park Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

2008 Sci Fi Channel UpFrontLooking so pretty as ever is Canadian actress Grace Park. She has been a fascination in our eyes over the past few years and up until these days.

There’s no question why. Just by looking at her hairstyles alone, we can already prove how stunning she is. One of the best hairstyles that she has opted so far, is her casual medium-length wavy hairstyle which is all about her brunette mane that is looking so sexy. It’s one of the best hairstyles for women these days.

Her Dress Style

The tall actress loves to wear trendy and in-style clothes. She’s more into revealing but wholesome types of dress. Most of the time she is seen wearing tank tops, spaghetti tops, and anything that bares her flawless shoulders. When it comes to footwears, she always rocks by wearing flats and pumps.

Her Makeup

Grace prefers to look naturally glamorous by donning minimal amount of makeup.


Grace Park is a Canadian actress born on March 14, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is best known for her role appearances in TV series including Battlestar Galactica, Edgemont, and Hawaii Five-0. Height: 5’9