Ian Harding Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes, and Perfume

Ian Harding_celebhairdoBoyish and undeniably attractive. That’s Ian Harding. We’ve seen him on several films and TV programs and one thing’s really certain about this guy. He rocks his irresistible sense of style.

His haircuts are divine. He loves to sport messy hairdos that absolutely make him look a lot sexier and difficult to ignore. His hair is naturally dark and he keeps it in a curly mess most of the time, which kind of suits him. Actually, it suits him best.

When it comes to donning up, this gorgeous star loves to rock comfortable casual clothes most of the time. He prefers fresh-looking and body-hugging shirts, button down shirts, sweaters, blazers, and denim jeans. For his shoes, he usually carries oxford shoes, boots, and loafers.

As a whole, Ian Harding is a fashionable man with a boyish, handsome overall appeal. He really does great in this area apart from acting.


American actor Ian Harding was born on September 16, 1986 in Heidelberg, Germany to American parents. He particularly took parts on films including Deadtime Stories 2, Adventureland, Love and Other Drugs,Christmas Without You, and Business Card on the Rocks. Height: 5’11