Jaime Ray Newman Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Jaime Ray Newman_celebhairdoJaime Ray Newman is undeniably stunning! She’s a kind of celebrity that always completes a show and always lights the red carpet. We love how this actress turned really successful over the years.

Jaime always tries different look on her hair. But in particular, we love how she opts for a glamorous long wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle gives her slick and smooth blonde tresses its shining moment. And what’s even great about this hairstyle is that it totally highlights her arresting facial features. All in all, it scores major style points!

Her Dress Style

Jaime mostly opts modest and simple types of dresses that are trendy and stylish at the same time. What’s interesting about this beautiful actress is that she also doesn’t hesitate to wear sexy and skin-revealing dress styles. As for her shoes, well, pumps are always her thing!

Her Makeup

The stunning actress usually gives a go for mascaras and lashes. And she’s usually into pale and smooth makeover.


Jaime Ray Newman is an American actress and singer born on April 2, 1978 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. She is best known for her role appearances in certain movies that include Rumor Has It, Sex and Breakfast, Wedding Daze, and Made of Honor. Height: 5’4