James Taylor Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

James Taylor_celebhairdoWe’ve known James Taylor as a very talented singer. His songs always take us away. Best of all, James is man that undeniably possesses good looks even at his present age, 66.

Nowadays, the music icon is sporting out his balding head. Though this is an obvious sign of aging, James was able to rock it. His hairstyle simply doesn’t matter though. He looks just perfect as he was in his younger years. And even with a balding hair, this man is still looking gorgeous and no one can argue that, right?

His Suit Style

James mostly dons typical attires. He likes it best when he’s wearing simple-cut clothes that offer him ease and comfort. He is usually seen wearing button down shirts, plain t-shirts, sweaters, vests, and classic jeans. As for his favorite types of shoes, the singer is mostly spotted wearing oxford shoes and different types of boots.


James Vernon Taylor is an American singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. He was born on March 12, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His renowned songs include  You’ve Got a Friend, Carolina in My Mind, Handy Man, and Sweet Baby James. Height: 6’3