Janina Gavankar Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Janina Gavankar_celebhairdoIt’s always a pleasure seeing one of our favorite actresses Janina Gavankar. The Grey’s Anatomy star is always the one who keeps up a very fascinating look. And her fashion style? Really superb!

Talking about Janina’s hairstyles, the actress has tried different ones and all of them really look great. These include her super fab braided pony that she lets rested on her side. Her brunette mane is absolutely fascinating with this hairstyle. It appears modest and somehow it gives her a different look.

Her Dress Styles

The best thing about Janina is that she really knows how to dress up. She usually shows off revealing dress styles that really compliment her stunning figure. She also loves to wear different pairs of fashionable shoes such as boots, slingbacks, strappy sandals, and pumps.

Her Makeup

Smokey eye look is always Janina’s thing. And she achieves it by donning dark eyeshadows as well as alluring mascara.


Janina Zione Gavankar is an American actress and musician born on November 29, 1980 in Joliet, Illinois, USA. Apart from her musical works, she is also known for her number of role appearances in TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and The League. Height: 5’7