Jensen Ackles Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

jensenWith all certainty, Jensen Ackles is one of the hottest male species alive. This actor does not only catch our attention because of his mannish and irresistible look but also because of his stunning fashion preferences. Let’s find out how this man continues to keep looking gorgeous.

Jensen maintains his heart throb look by carrying good-looking hairstyles. One of these is of course, the casual short straight cut by which he had his brown locks cropped on the sides and back, letting the top portion long and gelled to keep up a combination of boyish and neat look. And oh, this hairstyle just makes him even more attractive! Do you agree, ladies?

His Suit Style

The actor usually rocks by wearing button down shirts, leather jackets, denim jeans, classic pants, and denim jackets. When it comes to shoes, he usually loves to wear rubber shoes and flat oxfords.

His Scent

This gorgeous guy loves to smell like a musky cologne and vanilla spice.


Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director. He was born on March 1, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is particularly known for his roles in movies such as My Bloody Valentine, Ten Inch Hero, and Devour. Height: 6’1 ¼