Jessy Schram Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Jessy Schram_celebhairdoFalling Skies actress Jessy Schram continues to flaunt her gracious self in Hollywood. This actress is too good to be true. She’s beautiful, stunning, and simply talented.

What’s more impressive about her is her fashionable choices when it comes to hairstyles. One of these is her casual medium length straight hairstyle that pretty much highlights her honey-blonde locks. This hairstyle looks good on her. It accentuates her beautiful skin complexion and set of blue eyes.

Her Dress Style

Jessy is a fan of sexy outfits. She also loves to wear lace dresses and even printed dresses. When it comes to shoes, she’s too fascinated with different styles of strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

Jessy prefers to look natural by donning minimal touch of makeup. But, of course, she never fails to look charming with her pretty red blush-ons.


Jessica Schram, best known as Jessy Schram, is an American actress born on January 15, 1986 in Skokie, Illinois, USA. She portrayed different roles in television and films and is popular for her appearances in Life, Jane Doe film series, Veronica Mars, and Falling Skies. Height: 5’7