Joan Smalls Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Joan Smalls_celebhairdoIt is a fact that 2013’s highest-paid model Joan Smalls is too gorgeous and appealing. Apart from being naturally beautiful with a flawless, amazing tan, she is also one fashionable lady that gives a one-off style.

Her hairstyles are some of her great features. One example that best gives her a stunning look is her centre-parted long straight hairstyle. This hairstyle highlights her slick and shiny ebony locks. It looks simple, but it doesn’t fail making an impression. She’s just too irresistible with this hairstyle!

Her Dress Style

Joan is wickedly a fashion icon. She’s too mesmerizing whenever she’s on the scene. And that’s because she chooses to wear dress styles that are all out of the ordinary. She also doesn’t hesitate wearing revealingclothes. When it comes to shoes, what she likes best are strappy sandals and boots.

Her Makeup

Joan usually glams up by wearing black eyeliner and strong-colored lipstick. For her, these bring sophistication on her looks.


Joan Smalls Rodriguez, famously known as Joan Smalls, is a Puerto Rican fashion model. She was born on July 11, 1988 in Hatillo, Puerto Rico. Currently, she is ranked as the #1 model in the world and is the World’s Highest-Paid model in 2013.