John Goodman Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

JohnGoodmanJohn Goodman is known as a multi-talented actor that always impresses the crowd. This renowned actor does really a great job in comedy acting as well as doing voice acting.

And when it comes to his looks, this notable actor also knows how to pull attention. Nowadays he is sporting his natural short curly hair, and guess what? The actor is still looking good. He doesn’t even have any sign of hair thinning and balding. Amazing!

His Suit Style

Apart from formal men’s suits that he usually shows off at red carpet nights, John also considers wearing casual suits that include button down shirts, blazers, plain t-shirts, polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, vests, and classic pants. When it comes to shoes, the comedy icon loves to carry sneakers, canvas shoes, and flat oxfords.


John Stephen Goodman is an American actor, comedy star, and voice artist. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, Louisiana, USA on June 20, 1952. He is particularly known for his role appearances in flicks such as The Monuments Men, The Artist, and Inside Llewyn Davis. Height: 6’2