John Lennon Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Lennon_John_080.jpgJohn Lennon of The Beatles never fails to impress us with his feel good music. And of course, he also never fails to make himself look great with his attractive face and interesting style.

We’ve been listening to his songs since the yesteryears and we’ve also seen him exhibit different kind of looks in his concerts and other events. We’ve also noticed how he regularly changed his haircuts and one particular style that we like is the one he wore when he was a bit younger—the Justin Bieber-ish haircut where he let his brown mane remain a little bit long around the sides and in front. This kind of haircut somehow suits him. It’s actually neat and very-well maintained.

His Suit Style

The talented singer is mostly seen wearing leather jackets, classic pants, polo shirts with cardigans, sleeveless shirts, and coats. And when it comes to shoes, John loves to don sneakers.

His Favorite Scent

John is not that particular with perfume brands. In fact, he prefers to wear hazel and rose oil with yoko to make him smell good.


John Winston Ono Lennon is an English singer-songwriter. He was born in Liverpool, Lanchasire, England, UK on October 9, 1940. Height: 5’11