Josh Hutcherson Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Josh-HutchersonJosh Hutcherson is already rising into fame since he portrayed the hot, gorgeous baker role in The Hunger Games film series. It’s no surprise. He has this irresistible factor that can really turn any girl’s world upside down.

Josh brings out some goodish hairstyle for us. The one we call formal short straight cut by which he appears clean and just good-looking as he is. This haircut requires shaving off the sides and the back, turning it into a clean crew-cut that can be exhibited in any occasions—whether it’s formal or not.

His Suit Style

Josh is usually seen in a plain and simple yet fashionable suit styles which include white t-shirts, jeans, and coats. In formal occasions, this leading actor gives in to different colored tuxes and pants. And to complete his getup, he usually opts rubber shoes and black shoes. As a whole, this guy is incredibly irresistible in his own way!


Josh Ryan Hutcherson is an American film actor and TV personality. He was born in Union, Ketucky, USA on October 12, 1992. Height: 5’5 ¾