Joss Stone Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Joss Stone kidnap plotWe’ve known Joss Stone as someone with a really impressive talent and carefree, sophisticated looks. The singer always makes an impression by just simply carrying herself. Let’s get to know more of her when it comes to fashion.

Joss is a fan of different hairstyles. She also loves switching hair colors. And the best that she has tried so far? It’s her red head which is burning with gorgeousness. This hairstyle requires her to let her red locks settled in slightly messy but fabulous waves. She actually looks fantastic with this hairdo. And it’s something all the ladies should also try.

Her Dress Style

Joss mostly wears dress styles that are trendy and fashionable. What’s also noticeable about the singing icon is her penchant for printed dresses. And talking about shoes, she usually likes it best when she’s wearing pumps and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

The singer noticeably loves pink lipgloss.

Her Favorite Perfume

Joss says she mostly doesn’t wear perfume but usually wears a strawberry moisturizing cream. She says this scent is enough to make her smell good.


Jocelyn Eve Stoker, or best known by her stage name Joss Stone, is an English singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on April 11, 1987 in Dover, Kent, England, UK. She is especially known for her songs that include L-O-V-E, Super Duper Love, and Right to Be Wrong. Height: 5’10