Julie Bowen Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Julie Bowen_celebhairdoJulie Bowen is very well known in Hollywood as one with a wholesome, sophisticated beauty that could not be easily ignores. In fact, she’s regarded as a living Barbie because of perfect image.

One of the best features the actress has is her great hairstyles. We always love her choices when it comes to them. A perfect proof is her beautiful formal updo that she once wore in a certain Hollywood event. This hairstyle is all about her honey-blonde locks neatly tucked and settled in place while leaving some of her hair strands fall on her forehead in sideways. This hairstyle may look simple but it’s in fact very arresting. It totally compliments Julie’s perfect, beautiful face.

Her Dress Style

Classic dress styles are Julie’s favorites. She also has a penchant for silky dresses and leather dresses. When it comes to shoes, she usually prefers to wear designer pumps and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

Julie’s makeup is quite impressive. She’s not into heavy touch makeover, but she usually kills the show by wearing perfect, smokey eye makeup.


Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer, famously known by her stage name Julie Bowen, is an American actress born on March 3, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She has played roles on several movies which include An American Werewolf in Paris, Kids in America, Crazy on the Outside, and Horrible Bosses. Height: 5’6