Katie Melua Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Katie Melua_celebhairdoWe’ve known Katie Melua as someone with a beautiful, soothing voice. This pretty singer and musician is continuously admired by her fans all over the world not just for her amazing talent but as well as for her endearing look.

Katie is usually seen in her iconic dark, curly locks. This hairstyle is a total perfection. It emphasizes Katie’s beautiful face. It even makes her look like a real doll. It’s also a perfect hairdo for either semi-formal of formal affairs.

Her Dress Style

Katie loves to dress up in an alluring way. She kinda likes trendy and chic outfits. And she’s a fan of printed dresses as well. For her shoes, she is mostly spotted wearing boots, strappy sandals, and pumps.

Her Makeup

Katie always makes it sure that her beautiful, round eyes are well-emphasized. She often highlights them with dark eyeshadows and eyeliner.


Ketevan Melua, professionally known as Katie Melua, is a Georgian-British singer, musician, and songwriter. She was born onĀ 16th of September 1984 inĀ Kutaisi, Georgia. She is known for her songs including “Nine Million Bicycles”, “Just Like Heaven”, “I Will Be There”, “The Closest Thing to Crazy”, “Piece by Piece”, “If You Were a Sailboat”, and many others. Height: 5’1 1/2