Katy Perry Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Part of Me - Katy Perry

Katty Perry is known to have a distinctively glamorous taste in fashion. Not that she actually dares to flaunt it, or even experiments some excessively fashion styles, but she loves dressing up and dressing up loves her back!

Of course let’s pay attention to her hair that exquisitely framing her beautiful face. From time to time, we’ve witnessed how she gradually change her hair looks. From her prominent iconic blue hair with the catchy bangs to her recent look which is now what you see as totally dark colored hair accentuated in slightly curled locks, we believe anything works for her. Katy Perry has voluminous hair texture which does not make her stylists dubious as of how to make her look fabulous. She really rocks it!

Aside from Katy’s hairdo, anyone can also get inspiration from her makeup style. She is seen in most Hollywood events as someone with a natural beauty albeit the drama of her makeup. And here’s the interesting part. Like any other girls, Katy shares that she has some insecurities too when it comes to her physical looks but she believes that she can be beautiful as everyone else by making sure she carries herself well.


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, which is known as Katy Perry in the limelight, is an American singer, businesswoman, and actress. Born in Santa Babara, California, USA on October 25, 1984, she is also known to have signed to a Christian recording company when she was in her teenage years. Height: 5’7

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