Kenton Duty Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Kenton Duty_celebhairdo

Young actor Kenton Duty always makes all his fans, especially girls, fall in love with him. Let’s find out why.

Of course, his gorgeous hairstyles are some of the reasons why. Kenton has gone through different hairstyles and one of these is his casual short straight hairstyle that looks incredibly attractive. His blonde locks are styled in an upside appearance. It’s actually a trend and it’s something teenage guys usually prefers to carry.

His Suit Style

Mostly, the young actor prefers to wear something comfortable, easy, and something that defines his age and personality. He is usually seen wearing t-shirts, button down shirts, vests, coats, leather jackets, classic jeans, and denim jeans. When it comes to shoes, he always rocks wearing sneakers, canvas shoes, and loafers.


Jeffrey Kenton Duty is an American actor, dancer and singer. He was born on May 12, 1995 in Plano, Texas, USA. He is best known for his role appearances in films 2:13, Forget Me Not, Crazy on the Outside, and Amazing Love. He also played part on the TV series Cold Case, Ctrl, and Last Man Standing. Height: 6’1