Kobe Bryant Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Kobe_Bryant_Net_WorthNBA superstar Kobe Bryant does not only talk about winning an NBA championship but also gives us a glimpse on his extraordinary looks. When it comes to style, this athletic king can do much better.

First, let’s take a look at his hairstyle. Basically, Kobe maintains his usual, iconic buzzcut—a kind of haircut designed for athletes like him. It gives him a fresh and tidy look. To the guys who are sports enthusiasts, this haircut is really a good choice.

His Suit Style

Other than his gold and purple jerseys, the Lakers star loves to don himself with light colored tuxedos and pants. He also particularly pays attention to his shoes. And yes, talking about his shoes, we’d like to keep an eye about his favorite thing—the Kobe Bryant sneakers.

His Favorite Perfume

Kobe particularly uses his favorite scent, the Lakers perfume which is now available in the market.


Kobe Bean Bryant is an American basketball star currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is also known in his nickname “The Black Mamba”. Height: 6’6