Lacey Chabert Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Lacey Chabert_celebhairdoWe always love Lacey Chabert. She’s too sophisticated, stunning, and absolutely fashionable. Not to mention her absolute musical talent!

The actress has tried different hairdos. But in particular, we love how she comes up with a regally styled, naturally glossy, easy-breezy updo. Lacey clearly enjoys this lovely masterpiece. It’s sophisticatedly done with an utterly impressive feminine finish. This hairstyle is always the best choice for parties.

Her Dress Style

Lacey loves to wear dresses with a blend of classic, trendy, and chic style. Mostly she is seen wearing beaded dresses, cocktail dresses, silky dresses, tank tops, and skinny jeans. And she’s a huge fan of everything strappies in sandals.

Her Makeup

Lacey usually chooses to wear smokey grey and black eyeshadows to bring up a dramatic eye look.


Lacey Nicole Chabert, born on September 30, 1982 in Purvis, Mississippi, USA, is an American actress, singer, and voice artist. She is especially known for her role appearances in different movies that include Dirty Deeds, The Pleasure Drivers, and Reach for Me. She was also cast for voice acting roles in animated films such as Disney’s House of Mouse and Balto II: Wolf Quest.