Laura Linney Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Laura Linney_celebhairdo

Everyone’s got a big crush on Laura Linney. The all-American beauty is something you don’t really want to miss whenever you’re watching a red carpet affair on screen. She always appears radiant and naturally beautiful. What’s her secret?

Of course, it’s her typical and simple yet fabulous hairstyles. One perfect hairstyle that she has opted is her casual medium straight hairstyle by which she let her beautiful blonde tresses coiffed into a smooth free-fall. This hairstyle allows her hair to shine. It’s slick and smooth to the max!

Her Dress Style

Laura is a fan of classic dress styles. She undeniably has an eye for style. She also loves lacy dresses and smart, casual clothes. When it comes to shoes, what she usually carries are different styles and brands of pumps.

Her Makeup

Laura glams up her face by donning glossy concealer and foundation that match her fair skin tone.


Laura Leggett Linney, born on February 5, 1964 in Manhattan, is an American actress. She is popular for her role appearances in A Simple Twist of Fate, Primal Fear, The House of Mirth, Running Mates, Love Actually, and Sympathy for DeliciousHeight: 5’7