Luciano Pavarotti Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Luciano Pavarotti_celebhairdoLuciano Pavarotti, one of the best tenors that ever existed in the world, was truly remarkable in every single way. People in his generation have come to appreciate his amazing talent and really got inspired with his superb voice. Now, let’s take a peek on how he looked and carried himself when he was still young and alive.

Luciano used to carry only few hairstyles which are limited to classic styles. One of this hairstyles was his casual medium straight haircut by which he had his dark mane gently swept on his side, creating a smooth and clean look on him. We barely see this kind of hairstyle these days, but who knows ’til it trends once again?

His Suit Style

The talented singer usually donned formal outfits while performing on stage. But during regular occasions, he was mostly seen wearing button down shirts, men’s scarves, and classic jeans. When it comes to his shoes, he mostly prefered flat oxfords.

His Scent

A man who typically loved to smell good, Luciano was able to create, endorse, and use his very own perfume line called Luciano Pavarotti.


Luciano Pavarotti was an Italian tenor singer that particularly renders his talent on operas. He was born on October 12, 1935 in Modena, EMilia-Romagna, Italy and died on September 6, 2007. He has become one of the most highly-regarded and successful tenors in the world and has successfully appeared on different huge concerts. Height: 5’10 3/4